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under-construction workshop

under-construction workshop

date: Oct. 22nd. 2005

time: 1:45 pm to 9:00pm

location: RMIT Building 50, Orr Street, Carlton

RECONSTRUCTION: about-face, adaptation, alteration, born again, changeover, exchange, flip-flop, flux, growth, innovation, metamorphosis, metanoia, metasis, modification, novelty, passage, passing, permutation, progress, qualification, reclamation, reconstruction, reformation, regeneration, remodelling, reorganization, resolution, resolving, reversal, switch, transfiguration, transformation, translation, transmogrification, transmutation, turning.
Roget's New Millennium(tm) Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.1.1)Copyright 2005

AFP acknowledges the many difficult issues regarding reconstruction, the most obvious one is what we call emergency solutions - those quick responses to solve the immediate need for shelter and services, which in poor countries most often become permanent features, making well thought long term solutions very difficult. Though most of our professional institutions will not be involved at this stage but in the next, the reconstruction presents other issues for consideration. Central to any discussion on reconstruction is the understanding that there is never a blank canvas to work on - those tsunami affected areas and communities have history, memories of their former cities, social and infrastructural needs to which we can only positively respond by working with and for the local professionals and affected communities. The issue of responsible and responsive assistance - not tainted by advantage to Australian industries - is an important and highly sensitive topic that needs thoughtful discussion.

The program of speakers, performers and exhibitors brought together a diverse range of professionals, students and activists in the built environment including architects, planners, urban designers, environmentalists, trade unionists, international companies, artists, photographers, filmmakers, artists and students from the Victorian College of the Arts and RMIT.

under-construction activities:
Stella, Shelley, Beatriz, Su, Rachel, Anthony, Michael  
presentation by Azlan McLennan  
the band wouldn't stop, so we kept dancing till next day  
exhibitions by Michael Chew and Alison Hogg Lushun, Agus...
Michael Chew, Tashi and Anthony thanks to everyone who contributed with food and the preparation!!

  • presentations and panel discussions
  • image projections
  • photographic exhibitions
  • music
  • performance
  • temporary installations by: Site RMIT public art

    under-construction speakers:

    Opening words: here

    Rochelle Woodley-Baker: RWB & Associates


    Esther Charlesworth: Architects Without Frontiers
    topic: "walking the talk- architecture, ethics and sustainability"

    Robert Stent: President, Royal Australian Institute of Architects Victoria
    presentation: here

    SONA's Jennifer van den Bussche (Deakin University) & Megan Worthington (University of Melbourne) 
    abstract: here

    Azlan McLennan: Artist
    presentation: here

    Michael Bull: Apprentice and Careers Officer for the CFMEU
    abstract: here

    Su Mellersh-Lucas: Architects for Peace
    presentation: here

    Beatriz C. Maturana: founding director of Architects for Peace
    "Timor Leste's building code and Australian values". Based on a paper written for the Journal "Estudos de Lnguas e Culturas de Timor Leste". Dec 2005. Paper: here

    Matthew Bond: Engineer, ex-OXFAM
    topic: "Respecting local capacity - Experiences in Timor Leste"

    important information for speakers: please click here

    under-construction topics:

    Our world

  • Australia's engagement with the world

  • Australia's influence on the region through reconstruction - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Global warming and natural disasters

    Our country
  • The national culture - our way of life - is this sustainable?
  • Reconstructing a professional practice - a cross-disciplinary approach.
  • Our role in preventing human made disasters.

    Our home
  • Our way of life/our values and natural disasters
  • Car cities and obecities - shaping a local urban culture
  • Future eating, McMansions and urban sprawl

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    RMIT bld.50 is the studio- workshop of RMIT Public Art, who generously supports AFP. Melway
    Architects for Peace is pleased to acknowledge the support of our business members: Indyk & Associates Architects, and Rice and Ewald Architects.
    Also the support from the members who contributed with that bit extra: Tufan Chakir, Javiera Maturana and Sarah Paddick.
    Thank you all.

     on the day: exhibits, films music and performances...

    Visual Art:

    Michael Chew:
    So, you always wanted to volunteer overseas
    Over the 2004/5 Summer, Michael Chew travelled to India and conducted basic photography classes with boys in a refuge, and girls in an education centre over a period of two and a half weeks.
    He is exhibiting works of the children's and of his own.

    Alison Hogg:
    Alison will talk about Baxter pro-refugee demonstrations earlier in 2005, the role of the police and the demonstrators at Baxter, the role of the police and the state more generally in this current political climate, and relate it to some of the new laws that the government are trying to push through at the moment to silence dissent. She is also exhibiting her photography from the demonstration. Alison's work is entitled "No Borders, No Nations"


    Bohanna Ensemble:

    Bohanna started as an ensemble put together by drummer Scott McKendrick for a gig at the Victorian College of the Arts Open Day. Saxophonist Simon Charles, Guitarist Kumar Shome and Bassist Jamie Barlow completed the ensemble.
    The band has transformed over time from the original idea of a funk band to a more improvisational groove band with rehearsals concentrating on using improvising to gather material for more form based pieces.


    Tashidawa Eyles:
    Another story by Tashidawa: Tashidawa is a performance artist, she is currently studying Art in Public Space at RMIT.
    Her story begins in nth coast NSW in theatre, dance and printmaking and has taken her all over Australia. She has worked in a variety of communities including top end and Central Australia, Indonesia and Vanuatu. She is by her own admission blessed to have such a story thus far.
    Cast: Pei, Kevin, Karla, Tashidawa, Pip, Nikki


    Susan Lee:
    Desert arose from the struggles facing the Australian Middle-Eastern communities in 2001.  During that dawn, when there was scarce understanding or media coverage of the Arab-Australian perspective, we decided to collaborate on a short film that symbolised the migrant aspirations through the eyes of a young boy as his family journeys towards a new country.

    Lushun Tan:
    Reverie Sans Frontiers (dreams without borders, 2004)
    In his second digital animation work "Reverie Sans Frontiers" (Reverie without Borders) Lushun Tan depicts the politics, xenophobia, and economics of the refugee crisis as an abstract parallel dimension, a virtual world.

    06:20 seconds - Animation / Documentary / Experimental the film is on DVD and VHS
    more about Lushun's work here

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