Beatriz C. Maturana
Name: Beatriz C. Maturana
Location: Melbourne Australia
Discipline: urban design


B.Arch M.Urb.Des. MPIA
Architects for Peace Vice President and founder

Born in Santiago, Chile, Beatriz finished her architectural degree at RMIT, Australia in 1992. Her Master of Urban Design and more recently, her PhD, were completed at the University of Melbourne. Her PhD research focuses on the topic of Architectural Education (content in design studio and its engagement with reality). Beatriz's wider research interests are concerned with how architects in Australia can improve their participation in urban decisions affecting cities and society—underpinning these issues are ecology and social justice. Consistent with these aims and concerns, Beatriz established Architects for Peace in 2003 and has since been the initiator of the intentCITY street forum (2004), Under-Construction Workshop (2005), Transported (2007), words@bld50 (monthly seminars), arch-peace's editorial, and most recently the pro-bono architectural service.

Beatriz has taught architecture and urban design at RMIT University (Master of Public Art) and she tutors at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning. As an Australian volunteer with Oxfam for the University of Engineering in Managua, Nicaragua, Beatriz lectured in architecture and introduced the topic of gender and ecology to the curriculum. She also had a major role in developing the curriculum for Architectural studies and in assisting Habitat for Humanity in their delivery of rural low-cost housing. Beatriz was part of an Australian team of planners and architects working in-country with local partner organisations and Baucau’s District Administrator assisting to establish a framework for a body to govern the planning of development of Baucau (the 2nd largest city in East Timor).

Beatriz has 17 years of professional practice as an architect and urban designer. During this time she has worked for private practices, including her own, and government departments such as the City of Darebin and the Ministry of Planning and Development. Her projects range from private houses to elderly people homes, sport pavilions, health and community centres, educational facilities and urban design for large city development projects.

Lectures and presentations:

• Guest speaker on the topic of “Models of Urban Development” and guest critic at a 5th year design studio projects, Universidad Central, Santiago, Chile (24 November 2010).
• Lecture entitled “Eco-activism and Urban Development”, presented for the subject Environmental Design, University of Melbourne (25 March 2010).
• Presentation entitled “Here and There: the Shared Ground”, Pecha Kucha for Haiti (Architects for Humanity in partnership with Architects for Peace), 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne (20 February 2010).
• “The Victorian Bushfires: Recovery + Reconstruction”, Panel Talk and Exhibition, RMIT bldg 50, Orr St, Carlton (5 November 2009).
• Guest speaker on various types of architectural practice: Open Day - Ezone, University of Melbourne (16 August, 2009).
• Presentation entitled “Responses to Bushfire” - Process@Loop, Loop Bar, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne. (4 May 2009).
• Lecture entitled “Eco-activism”, presented for the subject Environmental Design, University of Melbourne (19 March 2009).
• Presentation entitled “Architects for Peace: Cross-cultural Perspectives on Participation”. Presented for the subject Managing Change, University of Melbourne (17 February 2009).
• IAPS 2008 Conference (Urban diversities, biosphere and well-being). Presentation entitled “Melbourne 2030: the role of architects in the future of the city”, Università Lumsa and Sapienza Università di Roma (July 28 - Aug 1, 2008).
• Poster presentation entitled “Sydney’s APEC summit siege: grounding the socio-political and ecological discussions in architectural education”, the Oxford Conference 2008, (The University of Oxford, Oxford UK, July 22-23).
• "Eco-activism and the urban environment", (March 18, 2008). Guest Lecturer, Environmental Design, University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.
• "Complex-City: ideas about public space", (March 11, 2008). Guest Lecturer, Master of Public Art Program, RMIT University.
• "Going Underground", Architects for Peace (March 6, 2008)
• "Sustainable Transport" Visions for Victoria in 2010' (the Edge, Melbourne, February 2008)
• "Other Contextualisms: Cities for People and other beasts", (April 23, 2007). Guest Lecturer, Design Methods, University of Melbourne, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning.
• "Arqueologias do futuro" (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brasil, 2007)
Arc Biennial (Brisbane, 2005)
• "The Politics of Space in the Age of Terrorism", RMIT University (Melbourne, 2004)
• PLEA Conference (Santiago, Chile 2003)
• intentCITY and Under-Construction (Melbourne, 2004-2005)
• ABC Radio National, Perspective (2003).

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