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"I am thankful to Dr. Ceridwen Owen for introducing me to these wonderful efforts. I am glad to contribute to activities of AFP". Dr Ashraf Salama, Professor of Architecture, consultant, and researcher, currently teaching and conducting research at Qatar University

"What a wonderful newsmail, full of information and links for architects/people who want to know what's going on in the real world". Prof Hugh O'Neill, Melbourne University and Adjunct Professor, Cultural Heritage Centre for Asia and the Pacific Deakin University (Melbourne)

"Great efforts for great goals. More is needed for architecture in Palestine and especially Jerusalem". Dr Mohamed Abdurahman, Department of Architectural Engineering, University of Gaza, Palestinian Territories

"I am a member of Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine and welcome the opportunity of making common cause by joining this wider forum". Prof Hans Haenlein (London)

"I come from Indonesia and am now in Phnom Penh. Everywhere I go I still see families without houses, access to water, or any other essentials. I want to do something REAL". Marisa Faizul

"... being a child of a palestinian family living within israel, and practicing as an architect in this country, i feel we need to do more to spread the word of understanding and peace between the nations". Mimoon AbuAta

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Nothing is happening in your region, city or country? Then, join us as a coordinator: organise activities, talks, post your city/region news in this website, meet others, share your knowledge...

Contribution to architects for peace:
Members are welcome to contribute articles, papers, book / film / exhibition reviews or projects. Contributions, on issues or actual projects, should reflect the principles of Architects for Peace. Submissions will be reviewed by the arch-peace editorial for relevance in regards to this forum

Note: If you would like to be actively involved, please contact the coordinator in your city - or consider becoming the coordinator in your city/town. Please email arch-peace here

About our membership donation:

annual donation fees
arch-peace member: AU $45
arch-peace student member: AU $15
arch-peace affiliated member (not in Australia, from economically poorer countries): no donation
arch-peace member business: AU $190 per year
Secure internet donation: please click on logo below (this, together with direct bank deposit are our preferred methods). Our Community's Australian Giving Centre provides a secure service supported by the Westpac Bank.
Please use the box "optional information" to give details of your donation (e.g. annual donation, film night, event, campaign towards ....)

Financial support does not come easy for organisations known for challenging the status quo - Architects for Peace is one of such organisations.

Initially, our activities including our successful intentCITY Forum, were privately financed by individual members. Today we count with the support from our paid members and our business members.
Architects for Peace value and welcomes sponsorship from ethical businesses and will publicly acknowledge contributions from individual and/or businesses. To donate to Architects for Peace, please click on "ourcommunity" logo or here. (note: we don't have telephone or fax payment facilities).  For more information please email arch-peace here

Your comments:
Thanks for your comments, they open a series of possibilities for dialogue and for the future of Architects for Peace. Do you recognise any of these?


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