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  • "Public Space - Art and Urban Planning" by Anthony McInneny
  • "Unfolding People’s Potential Village Reconstruction, Bangladesh" by Rochelle Woodley-Baker
  • "Chilean Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachelet: consistent progressive and inclusive politics in Chile", by Beatriz C. Maturana
  • "How can architects respond to community needs?" by Rob Stent
  • "Activist Art" by Azlan McLennan
  • "Reconstruction: it's all in the mind" by Su Mellersh-Lucas
  • "Occupying the street: urban design and politics redefined through street activism" by Gregory Cowan
  • "The Buka-Hatene Community Centre", also published in Journal of Studies in Languages and Cultures of East Timor (2005) by Beatriz C. Maturana
  • "Checking the State of our Cities: using the triple bottom line method" by John Blair
  • "Livability must be nothing less than an indicator of sustainability" by Su Mellersh-Lucas
  • "Prevention, assistance and reconstruction" also published in PIA News, June 2005 by Beatriz C. Maturana
  • "Stop Burning Diamonds" Abstract presented at IntentCITY, November 2004 by Mick Pearce
  • Federation Square and the Public Realm. Is this the new heart of Melbourne? also published in PIA News, October 2003 by Beatriz C. Maturana
  • Reconstruction and professional ethics, also published in PIA News, 2003 by Beatriz C. Maturana
  • University of Tasmania and the UNDP, by Nina Hamilton
  • ABC Perspective, Radio National, September 11, by Beatriz C. Maturana
  • Passive and Low Energy Architecture Conference (PLEA), by John Blair
  • The Baghdad Museum is Empty. Poem by Sasha Ivanovich

  • "IntentCITY Review: Public space and public debate in Melbourne", also published at ArtsHub, by Anthony McInneny
  • "AFP: working together, identifying goals, adopting strategies without loosing sight of the big issues", by Beatriz C. Maturana
  • "intentCITY2004: Approachable ideas about social justice and planning", by Rachel Sztanski
  • "How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America, and What We Can Do About It", by Cynthia Golembeski
  • War on Iraq: letter to politicians and their responses by Beatriz C. Maturana

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