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the official launch

date: Nov. 20th. 2004
time: 11am to 7pm
location: Hamer Hall undercroft
(100 St Kilda Rd Melbourne)

intentCITY  is a street forum and a "cabildo abierto"

intentCITY is a free public forum to discuss the "political city" - the public space that affects us all - the built environment, ecology, citizens, particularly our involvement in war and what can be done to prevent it.

intentCITY is about cities, citizenship, collaboration and friendship, at local and international levels. It is about boundaries, social and spatial, about cities their social realities and its denials. The public space that encourages discussion, the space of the "subversive forces as Roland Barthes (1988) called it.

Central to the idea of this forum is that it should take place in the public space.  intentCITY will be a free open forum, organised by AFP volunteers and accessible to AFP members and the general public.

intent CITY activities:
(we will update this list as the program is developed)

  • speakers
  • discussion panel
  • NGOs information and displays
  • poster exhibition "walking projects"
  • poetry
      Ali Alizadeh (read by Toby Heydon): Melbourne-based writer of poetry, narrative and literary articles. Born in Iran, Ali started writing to get back at the apathy of my 'new' home, Australia. Ali also finished a poetry novel, "Elixir" and has won a number of awards including the 2003 Hussen Benn Non-Fiction Award, the 2000 Verandah Literary Award, and the 1997 GUGC National Tertiary Art Prize.
  • image projections
  • dance
      Martin and Josie Taliana tango dancers
  • music
      Ken Murray playing Brazilian guitar music.
      Ken Murray is a prominent Melbourne-based classical guitarist and composer
  • public artwork by artists:
  • temporary installations by:
      Ceri Hann (Site RMIT public art)
      Gita Sivagnanam (Melbourne University architecture student)
      Imm C. Chew (Melbourne University architecture student)
      Shelley Freeman and Melissa Bright - 100 houses'
      poster here

    intentCITY forum speakers:

    Geoff Hogg is the coordinator of Public Art at RMIT University and Deputy Chair of ARTV, the Victorian Arts Industry Training Board. He has been a practising artist for 30 years. Completing his training in Mexico and the USA in the early 70s. Mr Hogg is recognised internationally for coordinating a number of major public artworks in Australia, Britain, China and Turkey.
    Geoff's interests focus on ways of looking at cross-cultural collaborative public art between communities around the world, aiming to show the diversity of practices and how art can build bridges between communities. Geoff believes that collaboration between countries sheds light on common cultural experiences and the value of diversity, this is all the more important in the current world climate of conflict and fear of difference. Outer Site: Cross Cultural Public Art from RMIT and its predecessors, is produced by the RMIT International Unit for Public Art, which is coordinated by Geoff Hogg.
    abstract: here

    Su Mellersh-Lucas is currently pursuing PhD studies in Ecologically Sustainable Design at Deakin University, Geelong. Her vocation is in raising community participation in the arts and architecture, and besides running her own architectural practice her contributions to community art include live music performance, music theatre production and running a lead-light glass art studio.
    abstract: here

    Dr Darko Radovic received his doctorate in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. He has taught, researched and practiced architecture and urban design in Europe, Australia and Asia. Dr Radovic was the head of an interdisciplinary team (CEP, Belgrade) which was awarded the Yugoslav Grand Prix for urbanism in 1992. In 1994 he was a member of the Sustainable Human Habitat team which won the national competition for the Sustainable Urban Development of Jerrabomberra Valley. In 199697 he was an STA Research Fellow in Japan. He is a Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) Associate, the Banksia National Environmental Awards judge, and sits on the Advisory Board of the Melbourne Institute of Asian Languages and Societies. Dr Radovic has published in Serbo-Croatian, English and recently in Japanese and Chinese. His participation in international conferences includes key-note addresses at conferences in Australia, Yugoslavia and Japan. In 1999, Darko co-organised (with the city of Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip) and chaired the international PLEA 2000 symposium Sustainable Urban Futures - Global Perspectives, Local Initiatives.
    War, the barbarian treatment of cities and that "elusive quality we call urbanity" are some of Darko's many interests.
    abstract: here

    Dr Anoma Pieris received her undergraduate education at the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (1989) and her M.Arch (Design) and S.M.Arch. S. (Research) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA (1993 and 1994). She will be awarded her Ph.D. in Architecture with UC Berkeley, CA, in Dec 2003. She joined The University of Melbourne in July 2003 as a lecturer in Architectural History and Design. Anoma has taught previously at the National University of Singapore and has practised as an architect in Sri Lanka and in Singapore, working on projects in Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.
    Anoma's research includes many published articles and presentations relating to the Straits Settlements of Singapore, Penang and Melaka and the impact of migration on their social divisions. In particular, she has focussed on the role of prisons as the primary experimental sites for colonial social policies, questioning the success of colonial urbanism as an 'enlightened' project.
    abstract: here

    Marc Purcell is the Advocacy Manager for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad. Prior to this position, he has worked as the Executive Officer for the Catholic Commission for Justice Development and Peace, as a human rights worker with Tibetan Refugees in Nepal, Burmese refugees in Thailand and Australia, and as the country program manager for Africa at Australian Volunteers International.
    Marc believes in not just working to eradicate global poverty but asking why the poverty exists in the first place.
    abstract: here

    Kit Lazaroo is a medical practitioner currently working in general practice. She is also a playwright with a number of credits in independent theatre, and has a Masters degree in writing drama from the Australian Film Television and Radio School and in Public Health and Tropical Medicine (James Cook University). In the past Kit has done volunteer work with urban Nyungar women in Perth, and more recently became interested in the possibilities of using creative, participatory approaches to public health while doing some pro bono work at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. She is currently co-enrolled at Melbourne Universitys Centre for International Mental Health and School of Creative Arts, undertaking a PhD which looks at mental health, narrative, and meaning-making among East Timorese former asylum seekers. "Sense of place", "home territory" and creating maps through storytelling are some of Kit's many interests.
    abstract: here

    Mick Pierce architect and the City of Melbourne's CH2 Building environmental design director. Council House 2 or CH2 is a new building that harvests sunlight, cool night air, water, wind and rain to create a lasting landmark for the City of Melbourne.
    Michael Pearce has been working in Zimbabwe and Zambia for 33 years. His experience covers a wide range from building in remote parts of Central Africa to converting old buildings in north east England and large-scale city developments in Harare, Zimbabwe. Committed to appropriate and responsive architecture, Michael Pearce has specialised in the development of buildings which have low maintenance, low capital and running costs and renewable energy systems of environmental control. Mick has been closely involved in the development of rammed earth construction for low cost housing in remote locations in Zimbabwe where transport and energy are the largest costs in producing buildings. He was also directly responsible for the design and supervision of Eastgate in Harare.

    Images from Mick's presentation to intentCITY

    Extract from The 2003 Prince Claus Award presented to Mick Pearce on the 10 Dec 2003: "Mick Pearce is among the most ingenious critical tropicalist architects practising today. He has had to be. Like Tai Kheng Soon of Malaysia, he is one of the rare architects who are pursuing a solution to these problems in the tropics. Like them, he has designed a large-scale urban project that successfully adapts sophisticated technologies to minimise economic and ecological cost, adapting the global to the identity of the particular region. In Zimbabwe, in the early 1980s, Mick Pearce produced a series of buildings: five major commercial office blocks, university buildings, a major hospital, a Hindu temple and an international school.
    For Mick Pearce's biography please click: here
    abstract: here

    Beatriz C. Maturana completed her degree at RMIT in 1992 and most recently her Masters of Urban Design at the University of Melbourne. Her architectural work include local government public buildings, residential and urban design projects. Her focus on the social role of architecture includes work with the Overseas Project Corporation of Victoria, Australian Volunteers International (AVI), the Ministry of Housing (Victoria) and the City of Darebin. As part of AVI she lectured in architecture in Nicaragua and worked for Habitat for Humanity. In 2001, as part of a multi-disciplinary team Beatriz visited Baucau, Timor Leste to assist in the establishment of a planning framework and presented a paper on Timor Leste at the PLEA Conference in 2003. Beatriz is the founder of architects for peace. She runs her own practice and tutors at Melbourne University and Site RMIT Public Art.
    abstract: here

    important information for speakers: please click here

    intentCITY: international members
    and poster exhibition "walking projects"

    Architects for Peace has a few members, including students from countries like Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Rumania, Chile, United States, Qatar, India, Brazil, Bangladesh, Germany, Canada, Pakistan, UAE, Lebanon and Kenya.

    We invite international and Australian AFP members to contribute and participate in this forum by sending us a poster illustrating your planning, engineering, environmental or architectural project.

    "walking projects" will run parallel to the forum. Authors are invited to present their posters - if this is not possible, we can present them for you.

    Posters: (list in progress...)

    • Nomadology - Aboriginal Embassy: theory of architecture for reconciliation
      by Gregory Cowan: educator and architect from Perth, Australia, currently teaching in London. Gregory recently studied community development in India and is beginning a major project on urban cultures and street architecture.

    • Amnesty International - Poster Designs
      by Roger Dunstan's students, The University of Newcastle

    intentCITY topics:

    We are looking for speeches and exhibitors on topics that reflect the concerns and aims of Architects for Peace.

    suggested topics:
    • Australian aid and projects of reconstruction - when is it aid?

    • achieving peace - what is the role of urban development and planning?

    • professional / government institutions and war - should they be silent?

    • education for social justice, peace and development - could we do better?

    • globalisation, social justice and the urban development - are these compatible?

    • learning resources - what can we learn from less industrialised nations?

    • reaching magazines or reaching people - what is a meaningful project?

    • urban sprawl - what is it lacking, who takes the decisions and why?

    • cities and culture - can culture be manufactured?

    • Please feel free to suggest other relevant topics.

    intentCITY contacts:

    intentCITY is organised by AFP members on a volunteer basis. This is the first time we embark on such an ambitious task. As the venue (public space) is free, it will take place at a minimum monetary cost and there will be no cost to participate - this fact is already something that makes it worthwhile. However, unavoidable costs, such as public liability insurance, printing and hiring of equipment had put a heavy financial burden in our young organisation.

    If you appreciate our work and its principles and would like to see us organising more of these events, please consider a financial contribution. Your support will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

    For enquires please contact:

      architects for peace:

      Discuss comment or send us your ideas: intentCITY discussion forum

      Visit our intentCITY blog: intentCITY / 1 blog

  • intentCITY has been endorsed as a YBE2004 event
    and by:

    Australian Volunteers International

    Oxfam Community Aid Abroad

    intentCITY on the day...
    Paul Irving's artwork installation
    Geoff Hogg and Toby Heydon
    Mick Pierce - City of Melbourne
    Amnesty International poster design- University of Newcastle
    temporary artworks- installations
    Ken Murray playing Brazilian classical guitar
    Rae Easton's artwork installation
    Su Mellersh-Lucas
    Anna Lindstad, Martin and Josie
    Kit Lazaroo's presentation
    Imm Chew, Gita Sivagnanam, Beatriz, Ceri Hann, Paul Irving and Melbourne University's friends
    tango by Josie and Martin Taliana
    Ceri, Anoma, Beatriz, Darko and Paul
    Dr Anoma Pieris - Melbourne University
    Beatriz C. Maturana and friends of AFP
    Marc Purcell - OXFAM CAA
    Sue Mellersh-Lucas + Anthony McInneny
    Dr Darko Radovic - Melbourne University
    Anoma Pieris, Lee-Ann Joy and Sue Mellersh-Lucas
    Geoff Hogg  - Site RMIT and Anthony McInneny
    Nina Hamilton
    Liz Coleman
    artwork installation and the city
    the intentCITY street forum
    Rae Easton and Emily J. Alfred
    Anthony McInneny
    Anoma Pieris, Lee-Ann Joy and Sue Mellersh-Lucas
    Rachael Sztanski and Matias Maturana
    Imm C. Chew
    Beatriz C. Maturana - AFP
    Karen Tanfield and Natasha
    Artist: Van Rudd - Intravenous, The Carriers

    Poster design by Eva Rodriguez Riestra. Print a colour poster

    architects for peace 2004