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nahid kahnamouei Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
Jess Kaires Australia architecture
Victor Kaj Greece engineering so I realized that really architecture Affects in all the processes of life
Ohoud Kamal United Kingdom architecture I am currently doing my MArch in Urban design at Bartlett(UCL) and Im willing to help out expecially with anything.
Mohammad Arif Kamal India teaching/lecturer in related fields Let us together make a better world to live in.
Muhammad Kamil Australia student interior arch/design
KapotthDrutoug KapotthMigBK Algeria planning
Soheil Karagah Iran (Islamic Republic of) student urban design
KarenGenda KarenGendaFF Yemen interior architecture/design
Ehsan Karimi Iran (Islamic Republic of) landscape architecture
KarryptoTek KarryptoerWP Gibraltar student geography
Samaragom Katerina Pervush Germany planning
kat katJD Russian Federation student urban design
saumya kaushik Australia architecture
Imrul Kayes Bangladesh architecture Its time to Rethink the value in architecture and its impact on the society.
zafar kazmi Pakistan other I wish to work with good volunteer organization, in Housing Child education, Women right in Pakistan other countries and in Australia, I really have no idea how to work, I need a little sort of training.
Streames + Associates Pty Ltd Architects Keith Streames Australia architecture
Keithcloto KeithclotoGQ Senegal building
Nima Keivani Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture I love or people in the world and I Love Architecture
Nima Keivani Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
Kellyenrit KellyenritPO Russian Federation student architecture
Sadije Kelmendi Albania architecture
Megan Kelosiwang Botswana architecture
Kelvinnaf KelvinnafYB Netherlands Antilles student geography
Kelzoot KelzootBI Portugal urban design
KennethBog KennethBogZZ Virgin Islands (U.S.) environmental science
KennethGorgo KennethGorgoRW Mauritius teaching/lecturer in related fields
KennethpoW KennethpoWXJ Singapore interior architecture/design
Kennithkes KennithkesJZ Russian Federation environmental science
KentADOPE KentappeareOQ Tunisia student geography
Manon Keown Australia student architecture
kessmali kessmaliJI Philippines interior architecture/design
KevinAccob KevinAccobVT Macau building
KevinBet KevinBetVX Ethiopia landscape architecture
Kevincom KevincomBX Slovakia (Slovak Republic) student urban design
Kevindup KevindupKB Czech Republic urban design
Kevinjox KevinjoxYF Virgin Islands (U.S.) student environmental science
razan khalaf Jordan architecture i would like to look into future collaboration among arch-peace and other local and international NGOs to promote and execute practices of sustainable and socially responsible architecture and the middle east and specifically in jordan
Sarah Khalid Canada architecture
Asma Khan Canada architecture


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