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Harry Aaron Nigeria architecture
Aarondaymn AarondaymnVG Pakistan student architecture
Aarondlst AarondlstWN Bangladesh student planning
Abakbakikep AbakbakikepYJ Thailand student landscape architecture
AbanaShula AbanaShulaPA Ukraine engineering
hakimeh abbasgolizadeh Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
hakimeh abbasgolizadeh Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
elham abbasi Iran (Islamic Republic of) student architecture
AbbasBal AbbasOneffradaQD Bangladesh geography
Tarek Abdelsalam Egypt architecture
mazen ABDUL KHALEK Lebanon architecture i would like to help as i consider myself part making a difference.
Nur Asriah Abdul Talib Malaysia architecture
Mazin Abdulkarim Egypt architecture
AbeKi AbePtST Russian Federation engineering
Abertupocup AbertupocupHX United States of America student architecture
AbouChakerKommtSouck AbouChakerKommtSouckDI Denmark student environmental science
Sara Abouebeid Egypt student architecture
My aim is to achieve a peaceful world through Architecture and Urban Design, I believe that they have a remarkable impact on human behavior; colors, lines, lighting and circulation can and do make a difference. My own passion is solving the social issues, specially in the third world countries, through architecture and urban design, through projects such as designing and establishing communities for refugees, healthy neighborhoods for homeless children as well as rehabilitation centers and shelters for abused women.
Mimoon AbuAta Israel architecture after spending 6 years in australia, studying in melbourne and working in brisbane in architecture. then going back to israel. now feel the importance of architects for peace even more. being a child for a palestinian family living within israel, and practicing as an architect in this country, i feel we need to do more to spread the word of understanding and peace between the nations.
Eman Abuhassan Jordan architecture
mohamad abusaidi Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture i like to join you and take part in your works
Ciaran Acton Australia architecture
AdamMl AdamMlAX Portugal urban artist
Samson Adeniranye Nigeria architecture the responsibility of an should always be to proffer solutions to problems of the environment.
pooja adhia Australia architecture hey am an architect and would like to contribute my best in every possible field related to architecture and landscape and planning and designing.
Aeraceheavy AeraceheavyLG Haiti interior architecture/design
Mujeeb Afzal Australia architecture NomadicArchitects.Com It would be great being involved with architects for peace and engage towards a better world through the built environment.
Hanif Agharazy Australia urban design
George Aguirre Hong Kong architecture
Woroud Ahdali Syrian Arab Republic architecture
ahegutiker ahegutiker United States of America interior architecture/design
Tayyab Ahmad Australia student engineering I had been a volunteer of A4P for one year and would like to be a member of the team now and contribute more in the agenda of A4P.
Iftekhar Ahmed Australia architecture
Traill Akemi Australia planning
AkunamaSpold AkunamaSpoldCF Denmark student landscape architecture
Duha Al Nasir United Arab Emirates architecture
AlbertClito AlbertClitoTW Kyrgyzstan student landscape architecture
Alberttrity AlberttrityTD Romania landscape architecture
samer Alchwiki Syrian Arab Republic architecture
Angela Lm Alessi India architecture I am an Australian citizen (born in Italy) who now lives in Bangalore, India and would like to contribute to Architects for Peace in this country of residence through international support.
AlEvant AlEvantPJ Iran (Islamic Republic of) student environmental science


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