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Eleanor Chapman Australia architecture
Lucinda Hartley Australia landscape architecture
Yasir Ronny Indonesia architecture I'm interesting with this act, since I made a simple web for architects for peace in Melbourne. Now I'm want involving in this action again, for a better living in the world.
Sarah Bridges Australia architecture And keeping the Newsletter up to date
Andrew Reynolds Australia student landscape architecture would be keen to help in any area
M Alaa Mandour Egypt urban design
Tinashe Kubiku Algeria architecture I would like to contribute in conception of sustainable and durable development in Africa.
Traill Akemi Australia planning
shakti Singh New Zealand engineering
Gregory Cowan United Kingdom urban design
Anne-Claire Deville Australia architecture
Homero Phelps Susarrey Mexico architecture
Alzahra Ali Sudan architecture
Sareh Moosavi Australia student landscape architecture
Peter Wang Australia architecture
Michael Marriott Australia landscape architecture Landscape Architect/post-graduate research student interested in the role of design and planning in an increasingly uncertain future. I aim to practice design which places existing social processes as the starting (or ending) point of any design.
Nazgol Bagheri-Yaw United States of America geography
Gareth Malanaphy United Kingdom architecture
Chelsea Rodrigues Australia student interior arch/design Happy to be involved in any part of organisation. Melbourne based student originally from Zimbabwe, passionate about solution architecture.
DAMOU Cheymae Morocco student architecture
Duygu Ergin Italy student architecture as a young architect, i believe we need to see real problems of our world.
Pauline Claramunt Torche Chile architecture
Anastasia Sklavakis Australia student architecture
Megan Kelosiwang Botswana architecture
Shelley Freeman Australia architecture
Tom Gray Australia other Art / Environment
han shao Australia architecture
shinta ardhinni Australia architecture
Nasrin Sesar United States of America architecture
Liuqing Yang Australia architecture
vicky Grillakis Australia student planning
russ cook Australia architecture tba i am passionate about helping others find the light of true peace within themselves as i have done and thereby spread that light around the world. while my architectural designs reflect my philosophy of "lightness" in every aspect of the word, lumination, weight, footprint, consumption, illumination, etc, my wider vision is that in sharing my Light with passion, love and joy i will be the inspiration for myself and others to seek and find the inner Peace which is our Inheritance.
Lisa Breeze Australia architecture
Dritan TURABI Albania architecture
nazeem Baig Pakistan architecture hey im student of architecture in Pakistan. i did restoration work with Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Hunza.
Rice and Ewald Architects Pty Ltd Australia architecture
Neil Zimmerman Australia architecture
Visionary Design Development Pty Ltd Australia architecture
Kalliopi Vakras Australia architecture you already know me!!
matias riquelme Argentina architecture I will like to help any way i can.


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