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a. ozge ozdamar Turkey landscape architecture Beatriz, we are glad, you did this...
A. Sameh El Kharbawy United States of America architecture
Aaron Hewett Australia planning
Aarondaymn AarondaymnVG Pakistan student architecture
Abakbakikep AbakbakikepYJ Thailand student landscape architecture
Abdurahman Mohamed Palestinian Territories architecture Great efforts for great goals. More is needed for architecture in Palestine and especially Jerusalem
Abertupocup AbertupocupHX United States of America student architecture
Agata Pilarz Poland architecture
Aghil Bahra Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
ahegutiker ahegutiker United States of America interior architecture/design
Aikaterini Panagiotakis United States of America architecture
ajith kuruvilla Australia architecture
Alaa' Khasawneh United Kingdom architecture
ALİ GÖKTEN Turkey student architecture I believe architecture for peace that is posibble and i can do it.
AlbertClito AlbertClitoTW Kyrgyzstan student landscape architecture
Alberto Castillo Costa Rica architecture
Aldo Cristaldo Paraguay architecture n/a I think, architects for peace is a very good cause to develop communities all over the world which need comprension, solidarity and actions to help them. The humanity is called to participate.
Alejandra Montiel Burundi architecture
Alexandra McRobert Australia student architecture I am currently completing my masters in architecture and am interested in providiing design skills to the places where they are needed the most.
Alexandra Raynes-Goldie Australia architecture
ali khoshmehri Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
Ali Alraouf Qatar urban design
Alicia Yon Australia planning Currently reading for a PhD at the University of Melbourne, focusing on broader access and the disability-gender violence nexus. Interested in sociospatial justice within urban debates, particularly relating to global south contexts.
alida pjetri Albania architecture i like project managing
Alif Nadya Inniar Rosa Australia architecture it's nice to be a member of Archpeace. i've learn much much more about architecture in different world
alinagreineach alinagreineachBK Gibraltar student environmental science <a href=>леса строительные купить</a>
alireza thmouresie Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
Alireza Arabinezhad Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
alkoneronchikom Сергей Turkmenistan interior architecture/design
AlleneHit AlleneHitET Vatican City State (Holy See) student planning
alvin xu Australia student architecture
Alzahra Ali Sudan architecture
Amanda Ramsay United Kingdom student planning My research forms part of the Productive Margins: regulating for engagement project, a five year partnership with academics/third sector across communities in England/Wales, looking at decision-making and active citizenship.
Amin Shahamipour Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
amirreza miraki Iran (Islamic Republic of) architecture
Amro Zehairy Egypt student architecture
Amro Sallam United States of America architecture Im very interested in the reconstruction of Gaza and Palestine at large. Im an architect living in the states, and would like to do all I can to assist in your noble cause of providing shelter for the unprevilaged.
Amy Clark Australia student architecture I don't believe in exclusive Architecture for glossy magazines. Good design should be accessible to everyone and make a positive impact on the community. Please let me know of upcoming projects that I could assist with by contributing my services. I am entering final year of Architecture/Building at Melbourne Uni. Thank you.
Ana Servigna Venezuela other


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